• Quicksand


    Quicksand is a design thinking and innovation consultancy. We facilitate the creation of meaningful experiences.

  • Michael Haupt

    Michael Haupt

    I track and write about the emergence of Society 4.0, the Regenaissance. Add yourself to the Society 4.0 Map at https://medium.com/society4.

  • Atelier de recherche temporelle

    Atelier de recherche temporelle

    Laboratoire d’architecture à la poursuite de l’écologie grise de Paul Virilio / Architectural studio in pursuit of Paul Virilio’s grey ecology

  • Lori Espelien McKague

    Lori Espelien McKague

  • Kris Haamer

    Kris Haamer

    Tech + Story. Programmer/Producer/Director. You? ▒

  • Emily Chu

    Emily Chu

    Design, data, cognition // 3milychu.github.io

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